Device Installation

The BushGeek Battery Recorder comes with a cable for connection to the M8 bolt terminals commonly found on AGM and lithium batteries and a Velcro strip which can be used to secure the device within your battery compartment.

What’s in the Battery Recorder box?

The battery cable is colour coded: connect the red wire to the battery’s positive terminal and the black wire to the negative terminal.

If you have only one battery, you should connect it to input number 1 on the Battery Recorder.

Don’t worry about connecting the battery backwards – the device won’t be damaged and neither will your batteries. It includes reverse polarity and over-voltage protection, and fuses to protect your equipment.

Here’s a video showing how we’ve installed a Battery Recorder in our camper trailer:

Installing the Battery Recorder into a battery compartment

It’s really that simple – red wire to battery positive, black wire to negative and plug the cable into input #1.

You can use the supplied Velcro strip to secure the device in any spot that seems suitable (some battery compartments or boxes are quite cramped). Or, if you prefer a more permanent installation, you can use the flanges on the device to screw it into place.


To connect a second battery, you will need an Additional Battery Cable. It connects in exactly the same way as the cable supplied with the device.

You could instead connect a solar panel to input number 2. This should be a “12V” panel, one intended for charging 12V batteries. These panels supply up to 22V and can be safely monitored by the Battery Recorder.

To connect a solar panel/blanket, you may need to make up your own cable. We can supply a cable with bare wires for connection to your battery charger or solar panel, or just the plug needed for connection to the Battery Recorder.

You’ll also need to make up your own cable if you want to monitor a battery which doesn’t have M8 bolt terminals. Again, we can supply a cable with bare wires to which you can attach terminal connectors suitable for your battery, or if you prefer to use your own wire or need a longer length we can supply the appropriate plug for use with the Battery Recorder.

Finally, the Battery Recorder is not restricted to monitoring 12V batteries. It can be used to monitor and record any voltage in the range from 6V to 24V. You just need to ensure that at least 6V is present at all times on at least one of the inputs, so that the device is always powered.