App FAQs

Common questions about the App

How close must my iPhone/iPad be to the physical Battery Recorder ?
Bluetooth range is around 10 metres, but it can depend on interference and other environmental factors. Bluetooth can also be blocked if there is a barrier around you (for example, it won’t work very well from inside your car). You should certainly be well within range if you are inside your camper.

How many iPhones and iPads can I download the app to?
You can download the app to as many iPhone/iPads as you like, but only one at a time will be able to connect to the physical Battery Recorder. Let’s say you are connected to your Battery Recorder using your iPhone, and you’d prefer to connect using your iPad, simply press the Disconnect button on the iPhone first. You are then free to start a new connection from your iPad.

Each iPhone or Ipad keeps its own individual copy of the recorded data.

Can my friend and I access each other’s Battery Recorders?
The app is written so that it can save information based on the serial number of the connected Battery Recorder, so yes, you will be able to connect to your friend’s Battery Recorder, download the readings and display the graphs. You will need to know your friend’s PIN.

You will also need to turn OFF the setting in the Configuration menu which says “Autoselect last device” so that it will scan for other Battery Recorders. With this setting OFF, a list of nearby Battery Recorders will pop up after scanning so that you can tap on the one you want to connect to.

Can a Battery Recorder be connected to more than one session at a time?
No. The Battery Recorder can only connect to one thing at a time. If the Battery Recorder is already connected to something, it needs to have that connection released before it can connect to anything else. Let’s say you’ve connected to the Battery Recorder on your iPad and now you want to connect on your iPhone. The iPad will need to disconnect first.

Can I set a PIN on my Battery Recorder?
At the moment, the PIN is the one which was sent to you with your Battery Recorder. There will be functionality coming soon so that you can change your PIN.

Can I personalise my Battery Recorder’s name?
Yes and no. The app allows you to set a convenience name for your device for private display within the App. It does not change what the physical Battery Recorder thinks its own name is.

If your friend tries to connect to your Battery Recorder, your friend will see the original name which the physical Battery thinks it is called. Once successfully connected, your friend is free to change the private name they they see within their own copy of the App.

To access this feature, choose Set display name in the Configure menu.

How long does the App keep its data?
At the moment, the App keeps enough data to display one weeks’s worth of graphs. Data older than this is automatically deleted by the App, you don’t need to do anything.

Why does my App need Bluetooth?
The App communicates with the physical Battery Recorder via Bluetooth in order to retrieve temperature and voltage measurements. The App does not access your physical location (neither does the physical Battery Recorder).

Why would I use the option to “Refresh all data”?
Usually, you wouldn’t. For efficiency, the app only downloads data since the last time it connected. We created this option because it helped us during development, where pulling things apart in a weird way could leave potential gaps in the app’s data. The option sends a request to the Battery Recorder device to give the app ALL the data that it’s got (even if it’s already been given). We’ve left this option in for now. It doesn’t hurt to run it, but it’s very unlikely that you’d actually need it.

to be continued…