How it works

There are two parts to the BushGeek Battery Recorder . There’s the small physical device (which we’ll call the BushGeek) which gets connected to your batteries (or battery plus a solar panel) and there’s also the iOS app which accompanies it. This means that you will need to use an iPhone or iPad in order to view the data.

Once connected, the BushGeek starts recording information from your batteries. Every minute, it records the voltages and the temperature. The temperature recording is done not just because it’s interesting to know, but because this allows the calculations for more accurate estimation of the percentage charge (if the battery is an AGM type battery). The BushGeek keeps a week’s worth of this data.

To see the data, you need the iOS app. The iOS app gets the data from the BushGeek device and provides you with the latest readings as well as a set of graphs. These graphs show you how your batteries have been going over time. You can choose from several time ranges, varying from 4 hours to one week.

See the App Guide on this website for more information about the app. See the Device Installation Guide on this website for help in connecting the BushGeek to your batteries.