App User Guide

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Connecting the App

  1. If you have not physically connected your BushGeek Battery Recorder device to your batteries, you will need to do so. Instructions are elsewhere on this website.
  2. Open the app on your iPhone/iPad
  3. The first time you run the app, you will be informed that the app would like to use Bluetooth. You will need to say “OK.”
  4. You do not need to be right next to the device but you do need to be the vicinity.
  5. If you’re not already on the Home Screen then click on the bottom tab labelled Home
  6. Tap the Connect button to start the connection process to the BushGeek Battery Recorder.
    The app will automatically search for nearby Battery Recorders and display a list. Most of the time there will be only one Battery Recorder nearby. The list will display serial number, device name and signal strength (reported as a negative number).
  7. Tap the line with your Battery Recorder to select it.
  8. Turn the autoreconnect switch to ON (green) if you’d like to avoid this step in the future (recommended).
  9. Tap the “Connect” button at top right. This will return you to the Home screen and you should get current readouts very quickly.
  10. If this is the first time you have connected to the Battery Recorder, iOS will ask for a PIN. The PIN is 123456. Future versions will allow you to change this PIN.
  11. Once the app is up to date with the all of the data which the physical device has collected, it will make it available for you to look at as Temperature, Voltage and Charge graphs. Access these via the tabs at the bottom of the screen.
  12. The Battery Recorder device will have up to a week’s worth of readings saved, starting from when it was connected. These readings will be automatically transferred to the App on your iPhone/iPad and used for generating graphs. The App will keep its own copy of these readings.
  13. Whenever the app is running and connected to the physical device, it will automatically update the data and the graphs.
  14. Enjoy your graphs.

Note: You don’t have to keep the App connected to the Battery Recorder device all the time – each time the App connects to the device it will automatically download the data recorded since the last connection. If it has been a while since the App connected to the Battery Recorder device, it might take a few seconds before the graphs catch up, since there will be a larger amount of data to transfer.


To view the temperature readings which have been transferred from the BushGeek Battery Recorder, select the Temperatures icon along the bottom. Choose the time range of temperatures from the selection at the top, for example 4 hourswill display the last 4 hours worth of data, 1 week will display the last week’s worth of data . The graph will adjust to your selection.

Select Voltages to view a graph of voltages and select your desired time range from the top. If two batteries were connected, the graph line for each of the two batteries will be overlaid on the same graph.

Similarly, select Charge to view the percentage charge over time.

Battery Settings

Enable/Disable battery allows you to change the configuration of your device to record information from either one or two batteries. The device must be currently connected to the App for this option to be available. Changing the battery configuration involves the App sending a command to the physical device and will initiate a reboot of the physical device. This will take a few seconds and you will then need to ask the App to connect to the device again, via the Home page.

Other Settings

Set display name allows you to change the default device name in the headings and graphs of the App. You must be connected to the device to do this.

Database Overview provides a summary of the information held in the App’s database on your iPhone/iPad.

Autoselect last device has the same functionality as the “autoreconnect” button which appears when you connect for the first time. It is best left on, but is available in the unlikely event that you want to connect to a different Battery Recorder device. Turning this “off” means that when you press “Connect” on the Home Screen, the App will always pop up a list of nearby Battery Recorder devices (even if there is only one) and ask you to select one.

Full download refresh is not something you are likely to need, but is available in case there is some unforseeable issue which causes gaps in the data. It will initiate a request for the Battery Recorder device to resend its entire collection of data to the App.