Dual 12V Wireless Battery Monitor and Temperature Recorder


Monitor and record the voltage of up to two 12 volt batteries, or a battery and solar panel, plus ambient temperature.

Display the latest readings updated in real time on your iPhone or iPad and, for AGM batteries, how much charge is left.

See at a glance how your batteries have been performing — and just how cold it got last night!

Includes one battery cable, suitable for most 12V AGM and Lithium batteries.

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The BushGeek Battery Recorder monitors and records the voltage of up to two 12 volt batteries, or a battery and solar panel, along with the ambient temperature.

An app (available for iPhone and iPad) connects wirelessly to the battery recorder, and shows the latest readings, refreshed every minute.  If you have AGM or wet lead acid batteries, it will use the voltage and temperature readings to estimate the battery’s state of charge – how much charge is left, as a percentage.

It also displays graphs of up to one week of historical voltage, charge and temperature trends.  From the graphs it is possible to determine:

  • how fast the battery is charging or discharging
  • how much difference a cloudy day makes (for solar)
  • how different loads (such as a fridge running more often in hot weather) affect the battery charge

You can get a really good sense of how effective your solar cells are with various lighting levels, whether you have enough battery capacity, how healthy your batteries are, and ultimately whether your batteries are likely to get you through your camping trip ok.  And as a bonus, the battery recorder will tell you, not only the current temperature, but how cold it was last night, or whether yesterday was really that much hotter than today…

Installation is easy.  There’s no need to mount a display, no need to cut holes anywhere.  Just tuck the Battery Recorder somewhere into your caravan or camper trailer battery compartment – it’s quite small: only 7cm x 5cm x 2cm, so easily fits into tight spaces.

It includes a cable for connection to common AGM and lithium batteries with standard M8 bolt terminals. And since the cable is 800 mm long, there is no need to place the Battery Recorder on top of the battery – it will happily go wherever it fits best.  If you wish, you can screw it into place – it comes with flanges with mounting holes for a permanent installation.  Or simply stick it down with the supplied Velcro strip.

The Battery Recorder is designed and manufactured in Australia.


  • Wireless battery monitoring via iPhone or iPad
  • Real-time monitoring of battery voltages and ambient temperature
  • Temperature compensated state of charge estimation for AGM and wet lead acid batteries
  • Stores and displays historical voltage, charge and temperature data
  • Automatic synchronisation after each connection
  • Two independent voltage inputs (6 – 24V)
  • Ambient temperature sensor
  • Ultra-low current (~100 µA)
  • Works with battery voltage as low as 6V
  • Incorporates short-circuit, reverse connection and surge protection
  • Small and lightweight, fits easily into tight spaces


Additional information

Weight 85 g
Dimensions 13 × 10 × 4 cm
Input voltage

6 to 24 V

Operating temperature

-20 to +80 °C

Voltage accuracy

±0.02 V

Temperature accuracy

±0.5 °C

Typical current drain

100 µA


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